1. Create an investor
  2. Record investor contacts
  3. Configure Fundwave for emails
  4. Record a capital call

Step by Step Guide

  1. Once your notices are in the transacted status, you will see a 'Send' button when you open the corresponding 'notice group'.

  2. Choose the investors you'd like to notify, and tap 'Next'

  3. A 'compose email' screen will pop-up. Type and format your email content, as required.

  4. Extra attachments: Upload any additional files that you'd like to share with your investors alongside the capital notices. Note that the Fundwave generated investor notices would attach automatically.

  5. Send a copy (BCC): Enter email contacts in the box to send them a copy of notices. (enter comma to separate email addresses)

  6. Select the Send button to send out emails.

  7. See the confirmation (and failure) log for each notice.

If you use the available HTML formatting, your email will not render properly if the recipient is using an email client that doesn't support HTML.

Fundwave has a notification log where you can see either a grey coloured 'sent' mark, and a red 'failed' mark that represents a successful email delivery, a send failure. 

However, please note that a 'sent' mark does not guarantee a successful delivery. It is only a confirmation that an email has been sent successfully through Fundwave. You may still come across bounces or delivery failure notifications if the delivery has failed for any reason, such as a full mailbox of the recipient or an outdated email address. You should look out for any delivery failure notifications in the inbox that you specified in the 'from address'.

In case you see the 'failed' mark next to a notice, please confirm that the contact details of your investors are set correctly. If you are unable to trace the issue, please raise a support request at [email protected].

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