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When you want the details of multiple entities on a single report. For example, a list of all the investors of a fund in a spreadsheet.

Inserting Loops in the template

In the previous example, we only got the details of one investor on the report. What if we wanted the details of all of the fund's investors on a single spreadsheet? Here's how to achieve that:

  1. Select the 'LOOP' tab.

  2. Select 'Investor' as the the entity type from the dropdown.

  3. Select the cell just above the expression to be looped. Then, click Start Loop button in order to insert the opening node of the loop expression.

  4. Now, select the row immediately after row that contains data values.


  5. Click on End Loop in order to insert the closing node of the loop expression.

  6. All done, let's save the template and upload it as a new report type on your Fundwave instance.