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  1. Select 'Monitoring' on the left menu and go to 'Planner' on the top-menu.

  2. Presscorresponding to the asset you want to create a request for.

    1. Title: Name of the request.

    2. What's this about?: Description of the request.

      Hit 'Next'.

  3. Select Metrics. Select the metrics you want to collect

    1. Scenario: You can request data in multiple scenarios. By default you should see options 'actual' or 'forecasted'.

    2. Period Type: Select the period for which you want the data. For example, you may want weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly data.

    3. Add Metrics: To create and add new metrics

  4. Select Categories. Select the categories you want to collect.

    Add new category: Create a custom category you want to request metrics for (eg: you might want to request revenue metrics by subsidiaries, region and so on). Hit Enter to save.

    Add new category type: Create a custom category type for a category (eg: say the portfolio company operates in multiple regions - USA and Israel). Hit Enter to save.

    Hit 'Next'.

  5. Select Text Updates. Select the updates you want to collect.

    Add new type: Create a custom update type you want to request.

    Hit 'Next'.

  6. Select File types. Select the file types you want to collect.

    Add document type: Create a custom update type you want to request.

    Hit 'Save'.

  7. Click 'Schedule' to schedule your request. Select 'Later' to do it later.