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  1. Select timeline from the left-menu and click the invest button.

    titleUse Quick Add

    Once you've posted your first investment, use the quick add icon  on the botton-right to post new transactions.

  2. Choose a mode of investment - Fundwave offers a large choice of investment instruments to choose from:
    1. Equity: If you're investing in simple common stock
    2. Preferred Stock: If you're investing in shares with special rights related to participation and voting
    3. Debt: Choose debt when lending to a portfolio asset
    4. Convertible Note: When investing in a debt instrument with conversion rights. Some prominent examples are SAFE and KISS notes
    5. Warrants: When recording the warrants received from a portfolio company.
    6. Custom Stock: An equity instrument which isn't simple equity or preferred stock. Eg: Warrants, Options, Capital Contribution in a fund
    7. Custom Loan: A loan instrument which isn't typical debt or note.

  3. Create a new instrument by hitting the  icon. Give your instrument a name and select the instrument's currency

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    Fill-in the key details
    1. The date of investment
    2. No. of shares issued to you by the portfolio asset
    3. Share price at which said shares were issued

  4. Tap Next. Fill-in the fundraising round details. You can also link with an existing round, if one has been created earlier.

  5. Tap the post button. The timeline will update to show the investment transaction.