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On the portfolio management software, use this guide to share a dataroom with either individuals or entire teams.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Select the Dataroom you want to share.

  2. In this example, we'll share the dataroom 'Legal Documents' with our external lawyers.

    Notice that the name of the portfolio company 'Hooli Inc.' is mentioned on the action bar. This implies that the dataroom is linked with this portfolio company on Fundwave.

  3. Next, notice the visibility is set to private. We can change this to either 'Team Visible' or 'Team Editable' to grant the corresponding permission on this dataroom to other people who can access this asset on Fundwave.

  4. In this example though, we'll keep this dataroom private. In other words, the dataroom is private only to people it's explicitly shared with. To manage this press the button.

  5. A pop up will open up. Enter the email address of the person you'd like to share with, and their access rights. Press the 'Add' button.

    Once added, an email will be fired to the person you added and they'll receive instructions to add their login details to access your dataroom.

  6. You're all done. If you wish to share the dataroom with more users or simply edit permissions, open the share popup again and make the required changes.

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