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When scheduling a request, use this guide.


Create a request

Step-by-step guide

  1. Select 'Monitoring' on the left menu and go to 'Planner' on the top-menu.

    If there are existing requests, you'll see them on this screen.

  2. Select the for the request you want to schedule.

  3. Tap the 'Reschedule' button

  4. This will open a 'Scheduler'.

    You can enter the following information:
    1. Frequency: Do you want to request
      1. Weekly: Once every week
      2. Fortnightly: Once every two weeks
      3. Monthly: Once every month
      4. Quarterly: Once every quarter
      5. Half-yearly: Once every six months
      6. Calendar year: Once at the end of calendar year
      7. Financial year: Once at the end of portfolio company's financial year

    2. Assignee:
      1. Primary: The user to whom you want to request data from
      2. Other: Any other portfolio company users you'd like to keep in loop
    3. Internal participants: Any other team members from your organization you'd like to notify

    4. Due Days:
      1. After: Number of days after the period date. Eg: If you want to request actual metrics for 31st March 2019, due on 10th April 2019 - the number of days would be 10
      2. Before: Number of days before the period date - helpful while requesting forecast metrics for the next period. Eg: If you want to request forecast for 31st March 2019, due on 10th Jan 2019 - the number of days would be 80

    5. Start Date and End Date: The scheduler will create requests between these two dates. Note: Only requests are created and no emails go out.

  5. Hit the 'Save' button.

  6. You'll see the generated schedule on the screen. Modify individual requests by selecting the 'Edit' icon.

Next Steps: Send a email request to your portfolio company to submit the metrics.

Create a New Schedule

Select 'Reschedule' to create a fresh schedule. This will delete requests which have not been requested and create a new schedule.