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When you want your track a new metric related to your portfolio company, use this guide to add a metric.

Step-by-step guide

  1. On the 'Metrics' tab, select Add Metric.

  2. Type the name of the metric you want to create. Select from a list of recommendations, or add a new one.

  3.  Key in the details

    1. Name: Name of the metric
    2. Code: A unique shortcode for the metric
    3. Aggregation:
      1. Sum: Aggregates value over multiple periods. eg: Monthly revenue sums up to annual value,
      2. Last value: Retains the latest metric value. eg: Cash position, # of employees
    4. Metric group: A custom list to group similar metrics. eg: SAAS Metrics, Impact Metrics, etc
    5. Description: To provide more detail about the metric.

  4. Upon selecting the 'Save' button, you'd see the metric get added to the list.

  5. You're all ready to use your new metric. Repeat the above process to add a new metric.

Next steps: Create a plan to collect metrics from your portfolio company.

Edit a metric

Use the edit icon next to the metric to edit the details.

Delete a metric

Use the delete icon to remove a metric. It can only be removed if it's not part of any plan.

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