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Fundwave makes it possible for investors to plug in variables such as principal. interest rates, moratorium periods, etc to set up an amortization schedule for your debt investments.

You can find this tool by navigating to the timeline for a portfolio company, and selecting the schedule icon .


  1. Create an asset
  2. Record a debt investment

Step-by-step guide

  1. Tap the schedule icon next to the debt instrument you'd like to create an amoritzation schedule for.

  2. Tap the edit icon to record the key details for the instrument

  3. Input the details and tap the Save button.
    1. Principal: The amount invested in the company through the debt instrument
    2. From date: The date of issue
    3. To date: The date of termination of the loan agreement
    4. Interest Rate: The percentage of principal charged.
    5. Repayment frequency: How regularly does the company have to make payments.
    6. Moratorium frequency: Is the moratorium period monthly, quarterly, or annually? Typically, it would be similar to the repayment frequency.
    7. No of periods: The number of periods for which the company doesn't need to make payments.

  4. Tap the 'Create schedule' button and choose the schedule type:

    1. EMI: If the total amount (principal + interest) receivable is equal for each period.
    2. Fixed: If the principal amount receivable is equal for each period.

    3. Bullet: If the principal receipts are on certain pre-defined dates.

      Tap the 'Save' button to save the generated schedule.

Rather import your own custom schedule?

Tap the import icon on the top-right to begin the import process.

Export the schedule

Tap the excel icon on the right to download an .xlsx copy

Next steps: Record principal and income receipts.

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