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Now that you've drawn some commitment, it is time to make use of it. This page will help you book transactions such as Investment, realization, cost of sales, income and expense.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Let's create a utilization transaction. On the transactions tab, select 'utilization transactions' on the left menu. Now, click on 'Add Utilization Transactions'.

  2. Let's record an investment transaction. Since this involves cash flowing out of the fund, add an Outflow row:

  3. On the top left, select 'Investment' under the transaction head. Right next to it, enter the name of the asset account in which you are making this investment.

  4. Now let's fill up the remaining fields: 

    1. Amount: If the transaction currency is different from the fund currency, enter the exchange rate to auto populate the amount in fund currency.

    2. Analysis code: We can tag a vendor or creditor for greater granularity in reporting. In this case, we'll leave this blank.

    3. Shares & share price: If this is an equity investment, you can enter the number of shares purchased. This will auto fill the share price in the currency of the fund.

    4. Balance account. Since we're paying for this asset using Cash, you can choose one of your cash accounts here.

    5. Metrics: Optionally, you can record some key metrics related to the investment here, such as pre-money valuation or fully diluted stake. (You'll need to pre-define these metrics first).

  5. You can repeat Steps 2 - 4 if you wish to add another transaction. When done, hit the 'Save' button and follow the approvals process in order to see the effect of this transaction in your reports.


    Note that the transaction heads or balance account codes may differ if you are using a custom chart of accounts. (Read about customizing your chart of accounts).

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