If you want to record transactions directly via your bank statements, follow this guide.


The BETA version can be used to post fund-level incomes and expenses. We are currently working on the ability to post investments and other asset specific transactions.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Go to Bank Import (Transactions → Utilisation Transactions → Bank Import)

  2. You'll see a list of all your bank accounts on Fundwave on the top left. Select a bank account and tap 'Import statement' .  

  3. You can import your bank statement through :

    a. Excel statement: Download the statement from your bank and upload it on Fundwave (See template), or

    b. QBO format: Some banks (eg: JP Morgan, Silicon Valley) let you download bank statements in the Quickbooks format. You could check with your bank if a QBO format statement is available.


  4. After import, you should see your bank statement on Fundwave. The first section helps you reconcile between bank balance and Fundwave balance.

    The bank balance is updated automatically if you've imported using a QBO format. Incase of excel import, please add bank balance to help you identify the differences.

  5. Click on reconcile to match an existing transaction or create a new transaction. 

    1. Match to an existing transaction: Select the transaction type to see a list of suggested matches. You could either select from the list of existing transactions or hit 'Dig deeper' to see the entire list.

    2. Add a new transaction: Select the transaction type and hit 'Add New' to record a new transaction. Key in the asset details if it's an investment linked transaction. Hit 'Post' to save the transaction.

      Create a new transaction type

      If you wish to add a new transaction type, follow this guide.
  6. Balance in Fundwave should tie with the bank balance once all transactions are posted or matched.

    Pro-tip: Filter through your bank statement to find 'the one' by clicking on the search icon and typing in your parameters
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