To sync exchange rates from, follow this guide.

With Fundwave it is quick and easy to sync historical exchange rates using the Fixer API. You can use these rates to value your company in the fund and asset currency.


Step by Step Guide

  1. Click 'All apps'

    Select 'Add-ons' from the dropdown.

  2. Select the Fixer add-on from the available list of add-ons


  3. Enter your Fixer API key, and hit 'Next'.

  4. Fill-in the details

    1. Add pair: To add a new exchange rate pair.

    2. Base Currency: The currency against which exchange rates are generally quoted such as your Fund Currency. In this case, USD.

    3. To Currency: The currency in which you want to convert the base currency such as your asset's currency. In this case, EUR/GBP.

    4. Frequency: Do you want to request FX rates - Monthly, Quarterly or Annually?

    5. Edit Key: If you want to update the Fixer API key.

      Click on 'Next'.

  5. Press the 'Sync' button.

  6. That's it. Fundwave will automatically fetch FX rates for the last six months.


Fixer PRO

If you have a fixer PRO key - select fixer PRO from the list of add-ons.

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