When designing MS-Excel format reports, follow this guide for using the Fundwave Report Builder.


  1. Add the Fundwave Report Builder add-in to your Microsoft Excel. (see guide)

Step by Step Guide

  1.  Enter your provided team URL (eg: myfund.fundwave.com).

     Press the 'Proceed' button to continue.

  2. Key in your username and password, and tap 'log in'

  3.  Select the name of your fund from the drop down. Selecting a fund ensures data fields are populated with relevant data of corresponding fund.

  4. Let's assume we have a blank template and we want to show the name of an Investor. Here's how we add it.

    1. Select an entity type. Since we want to put an investor on the template, let's select 'Investor'

    2. Select a property of the entity type. An investor has many fields. Since we want to show the investor's name on the report, let's select 'investorName'

    3. Click insert button in order to insert the above selection.. This will insert $(investor.investorName) in the template at the selected cell.

  5. The investor's name alone wouldn't give us much information. Let's add a variable to find out the investor's Drawdowns. Here's how we can do that:

    1. Select the Variable tab.

    2. Choose 'Drawdowns' from the list of variables.

    3. Add 'Investor' as context.

    4. Click on the 'Insert' button

  6. Great, now let's save the template and upload it as a new report type on your Fundwave instance.

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