An investor or a limited partner invests in your fund using one of the partnerships you had created above. Therefore, please ensure that the partnership for this investor already exists before you create the investor.

You could also head to the Fund Management App (BETA) to Create an Investor.

Here are the steps to create an investor:

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Ensure that you are on the Fund dashboard. Now, click on the 'Investors' button on the upper right corner of the screen. Have a look at the list below to check if the investor is already listed. If not, click the 'Create' button on the top bar, and click on 'Create'.

  2. Fill out the information on your screen and click 'Add Investor'. As with funds and partnerships, you can modify the details later if you need to.

Next, add contact details for your investors or add your assets (portfolio companies).

Investor Contact Details and Bank Details

Add investor contact details and bank details when you add an investor.

Investor Equalizations

If you are creating this investor after the first close of the fund, jump to the 'equalization' section after creating all the investors for this close.

Investor Transfers

If you are creating this investor as a new transferee of an existing investors commitment, enter the initial commitment as '0'